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Welcome to Reception


Our theme this term is ‘All about Me

We will be discovering what makes us feel special and unique and finding out all about our homes, friends and families. During the half term break we will be asking you to work with your child to put together an ‘All about Me’ box containing items that are special to your child. We will send out more details about this at a later date. 

Art work will also be inspired by festivals and stimuli around us, such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas and the Nativity  and the changing seasons. 

Music and movement play a key role in developing the children’s creativity and well-being alongside their fine motor skills. Throughout the term, children in the Early Years will be singing a variety of songs and rhymes with actions and dances. Our classroom will have a ‘finger gym’ to develop fine motor skills and we  will have daily outdoor sessions on the main playground, using apparatus to develop the children’s gross motor skills. 

Helpful Resources for Parents

Meet Pantosaurus - our pant-wearing Dino! He wants every child to stay safe and strong, just like him, and he's on a mission to share an important message.