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Our Aim


At St Thomas’ Federation we aim to provide our children with a high quality mathematical education which provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the subject. We believe that mathematics is a creative discipline which should be incorporated in all areas of the curriculum.


From Years 1 to 6, we use the Herts For Learning scheme of work as a starting point for lessons. The aim is for all children to master the skills and understanding in each unit of learning. The school has taken a lead in the nationwide Maths Hub Programme which aims to ensure children are confident, fluent mathematicians.  



How parents can support their children with Mathematics:


If children are to be fluent in mathematics we believe they require quick and accurate recall of facts. Each week children are expected to rehearse these facts at home. Multiplication facts and number bonds can be rehearsed in many different ways, from playing games to using charts and computer programs. Each week your child will be sent home maths facts to learn and practice.