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St Clement & St James Attendance


If a child is to reach their full educational achievement, a high level of attendance is essential. This is because research has shown regular attendance and good punctuality are crucial factors in children’s achievement. We wish to work in partnership with parents and carers in ensuring your child attends school on time every day. We are always pleased to work together with parents and carers in resolving any difficulties.


We will be monitoring children’s attendance weekly and will let parents know if there are any concerns and if children enter an ‘at risk’ category.  Teachers will be talking to children about their attendance and will celebrate those who have made improvements or continue to attend well.


Regular attendance is not just a legal requirement, but it is vital for children to maximize their learning, and achieve their full potential at St Clement & St James CE Primary School. There are a number of important steps parents can take to ensure their child maintains a high level of attendance:


  • Ensure your child attends every day, on time, equipped and ready to learn.
  • Ensure the school has up to date addresses and telephone numbers. We will contact you by text or by telephone if your child is absent and you have not contacted the school. This ensures that we can contact you about your child, and also can contact you in an emergency situation.
  • If your child is ill, contact the school. Please make sure you phone school every day your child is absent.
  • If no contact is received regarding the absence, it is recorded as unauthorised. Ultimately the school is responsible for deciding if the absence is acceptable or not. Only genuine absence will be authorised. You will be asked to provide medical certificates if your child has a poor attendance record.
  • Ensure that medical appointments are made outside school time. If this is not possible, your child needs to register at the school before they are taken to the medical appointment.  We will need to see medical evidence upon return.
  • Avoid trivial absence such as, ‘buying new shoes’. This would not be accepted as a reasonable absence.
  • Holidays should not be taken in school time. Holidays will not be authorised during term time, and may result in a fixed penalty notice.
  • If you need to withdraw your child from school for exceptional reasons please fill in a request form which can be found in the office.
  • Respond to school letters or telephone calls regarding attendance and punctuality.
  • Speak to your child’s class teacher or office staff if you are experiencing difficulty in getting your child into school


St Clement & St James Attendance categories

Days off school = lost learning time


Green Group


Best chance of success.

Gets your child off to a flying start!

No concern


The child attends between 98% - 100% of the time.


Yellow Group


Reasonable chance of success.

Your child will miss out on important learning



The child attends between 96% - 97.99% of the time.



Amber Group


Less chance of success.

Makes it harder for your child to make progress.

Risk of Underachievement


The child attends between 95% - 95.99% of the time.



Pink Group


Not fair on your child.

Could result in court action.

Severe Risk of Underachievement


The child attends between 90% - 94.99% of the time.



Red Group


Impossible for your child to be successful at School.

Court action will be taken.

Extreme Concern


The child attends less than 90.0% of the time.




There are 190 days in a School year. Every day counts!